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2019 Board of Directors

Geof Kusch, MD, Chairman Sushma Reddy, MD, Vice Chairman
Ronda Ryan, Secretary Chris Martin, Treasurer
Riley Alley Michelle Costa
Kellen Lynch Elliot Peter Eppley
Keith Flemingloss Bill Gratopp
Bill Kauffman Chuck Kelly
Theo Kerhoulas Pete Lacey
Annette Mercatante, MD Dan Robbins
Debra Seifert Bridget Sholtis
Duncan Smith Nancy Winzer

Professional Staff

Our staff strives to provide the best programs and services possible. We work closely with both support staff and volunteers to meet the needs of the many families in our community. Please feel free to contact us any time at (810) 987-6400.

Name Position E-mail Extension
Denise Brooks President/CEO & Youth Development Acting VP 111
Carole Cunningham Finance Specialist 133
Michelle Harvey Business Office Coordinator mharvey@bluewaterymca,com 133
Lynnette Kraklan Vice President - Youth Development 115
Christen Shell Youth & Family Program Director 121
Lynnette Kraklan School Age Program Director 115
Sandy VanVyve Early Childhood Sr. Program Director 138
Josh Chapman Vice President - Healthy Living and Membership 113
Jenny McElwain Healthy Living Program Director 117
Marika Beecherl Member Experience Director 128
Elizabeth Sawielski Vice President - Social Responsibility 279