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Membership Rates

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Category Description Monthly Fee
Adult Single adult between the ages of 26 and 61 $38.60
Adult - Senior Single adult age 62 or over $36.50
Household People living at the same permanent address, proof may be required $55.00
Household - Senior People living at the same permanent address and the primary member is 62 or over, proof may be required $52.00
Household - Single Adult People living at the same permanent address with only one adult on membership, proof may be required $47.90
Young Adult Single adult ages 19 - 25 $23.60
Youth Youth ages 12 - 18 $14.90
Silver Sneakers/AARP A form of membership supported by the individual's health insurance company The Y is reimbursed on a per visit basis up to 10 visits per month

These rates do not apply to short-term memberships.

All memberships will be charged a "Capital Improvement Fee" once a year of $25 for an Adult or Household membership and $15 for Young Adult memberships.


Add convenient services based on your needs!

  • Monthly Child Watch/Kid Zone for $17.50 per household (not currently available)
  • ChildWatch/KidZone are also available on a drop-in basis for a small fee
  • Membership at Viking Fitness with access to 24-hour workouts and locations in Marysville, St. Clair and Marine City for just $10 per person per month

Guest Passes

The YMCA provides free guest passes as a benefit to our members. Y members may have as many guest passes as they request. However, each individual guest is limited to 3 visits per year. All guests must present a valid ID and sign a facility waiver. An adult must accompany all underage guests into the facility and remain in the facility for the duration of their visit. Access to towels, ChildWatch and KidZone follow the membership that is providing the guest pass. 

Day Passes

Community members and guests may use YMCA facilities with a day pass. As a visitor to the YMCA of the Blue Water Area, you may use a day pass up to three times within a calendar year. After that, use of the Y is available by signing up for a program or purchasing a membership. All guests must present a valid ID and sign a facility waiver. $10 per person Contact the Y for family pricing

Short-Term Membership

Sometimes people are in our area on business or visiting friends and family for a short time. We offer short-term memberships as a convenience on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis. Due to increased accounting costs, short term membership fees are higher than quoted membership rates. Please see the Welcome Center for details.

Corporate Health & Wellness

Click here or contact us for details on membership and wellness programs available for your employees!

Military Family Memberships

The YMCA of the Blue Water Area, along with YMCAs throughout the country, offers free memberships to the families of military personnel who have been called to active duty. The free military family memberships will be effective from time of deployment through the duration of active duty. The commitment and sacrifice you make for our country is why we are proud to serve you! For more information stop by the Y, send us an email, or visit the Military Outreach information site.

Financial Assistance - Everyone is Welcome at the Y

The Y believes that everyone deserves the chance to succeed. Regardless of your financial situation, we will work with you to receive all the benefits of our membership. Through the generosity of donors through the Open Arms Campaign, we are able to provide programs and services to those who may not otherwise be able to participate. If you cannot afford the full cost of a YMCA membership, you may apply for financial assistance. All Y members receive the same membership benefits, regardless of assistance.

Open Arms program approval is based on a sliding fee scale designed to fit individual financial situations. Available funding is based on personal need, enrollment, and our financial resources. Applications for both program and membership scholarships are available at the Welcome Center or using the link below. You will need proof of your total household income.

Download Financial Assistance Form

To process the application we will also need the following information:

  • Two current copies of pay stub or a copy of social security or disability check