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The St Clair County Medical Society is interested in improving the health of our community by promoting walking clubs throughout our county. Brisk walking 30 minutes five days a week reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 58%, decreases cardiovascular disease and obesity. People who walk are at lower risk of breast cancer and colon cancer. For people with osteoarthritis, walking improves mobility and function. In addition, walking improves psychological well-being and self esteem. And the Blue Water area is so beautiful with many exceptional walking opportunities!

The St Clair County Medical Society Foundation launched the Blue Water Walking Club program in partnership with the YMCA and the St. Clair County Healthy Lifestyles Workgroup to improve the health of our community.


Are you up for a challenge? 

What is the Blue Water Walking Club Marathon Miler Fall Challenge? If you challenge yourself to do 1 mile, 1 ½ mile or 2 miles a day or every couple of days, you can definitely reach this fitness goal of accumulating 26.2 miles by October 31, 2020. Map out a course in your yard, in your neighborhood or on a local trail. Keep track of the miles you run or walk. Challenge your friends. Make a team. A marathon is typically a running event, but we want to encourage everyone to stay active, so both walking and running count for this Blue Water Walking Club Marathon Miler Fall Challenge.

We are currently following protective social distancing by staying at least 6 ft away from other people. Please be sure to honor that if you are out running or walking with a friend or in a public area and be sure to "mask up" if appropriate. 

How do I participate in the Blue Water Walking Club Marathon Miler Challenge?!

Register HERE through RunSignUp!

Here is the Marathon Miler log form. Print it out and begin logging your miles! Keep your log form in a safe place where you will see it every day!

When you have finished completing the log form (deadline is October 31st), email it to Michelle at and she will email you your Blue Water Walking Club Marathon Miler Challenge certificate. Water bottles will also be awarded to all finishers!

We would love to see your adventures. Post pictures to the Blue Water Walking Club Facebook Page: Water Walking Club.

Good luck with the challenge!

Some great spots to get a group together and walk include: Blue Water River Walk, Black River Walk, Wadhams to Avoca Trail or any of the county or city parks throughout the Blue Water Area, or even at work or in your neighborhood.