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Community Resources for Families

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Great Start Collaborative of St. Clair County

The St. Clair County Great Start Collaborative is a partnership of parents, child care providers, service providers, businesses and other community leaders who are committed to giving every child in St. Clair County a great start in life. The St. Clair County Great Start Collaborative was created  in 2007 to partner with parents, local agencies, businesses, child care providers, service providers and other community leaders who all share an interest in the quality of early childhood in St. Clair County.  The GSC works together to improve child outcomes in all five of the key areas of a child's life: physical health, social & emotional health, parenting leadership, family support and early care and education.

Great Start to Quality

Great Start to Quality helps parents find the best early learning settings for their children and helps providers and educators improve the care they give to children. 

St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB

The St. Clair County Early Childhood HUB helps families connect to home visiting services. The HUB is specifically designed for pregnant women and children ages 0-5. When you provide answers to the following questions, the HUB will find the best program for your needs. You may be eligible for several programs, however, one provider will make the initial contact. The HUB is a secure system and your personal information will not be shared with anyone outside our hub.

Imagination Library

The Great Start Collaborative is proud to announce that with the help of St. Clair County RESA, United Way of St. Clair County and other local donors, Imagination Library is now available to every child in St. Clair County who is between 0-5 years old. Imagination Library was started in 1996 by Dolly Parton. The program provides registered children a new book each month from the month of birth until their fifth birthday.  

Blue Water College Access Network

Blue Water College Access Network is your resource for life after high school. The Blue Water College Access Network maintains an email list of parents and students who want to receive notifications of programs, activities, events, and other information related to going to college or other post-secondary education. It's free and easy. 

Challenge 4 The Future

Learning doesn't get more real-world than Challenge 4 The Future. This summer, teams of 11th and 12th grade students and high school teachers from across St. Clair County will learn and work side-by-side in local businesses and non-profits to solve real challenges or problems the organizations face.  And the competition will be fierce.

St. Clair County Health Department

The St. Clair County Health Department is the trusted local expert in population and preventative health practices. Visit this site for common health information, programs and services, and events. 

St. Clair County Library

Connect your family to a world of information through the St. Clair County Library System. The Library System is a network of vital community centers that supports continuous learning, individual growth, encouragement for reading and community enrichment.