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Throughout the Blue Water Area, countless people know the YMCA of the Blue Water Area. Our members and friends call us THEIR Y.  But there’s so much more to our Y than one might think.

From exercise to education, from healthy bodies to hunger prevention, from preschool to preventive health, the Y doesn’t just strengthen our bodies. It strengthens our community.

Our community faces new challenges that create a greater need than ever for the work we do every day.  Fortunately, where some see obstacles, we see opportunities for our members, volunteers and staff to make a difference.

Yet we’re called to do so much more.  What if we could harness all of that power to make an even greater difference on a bigger scale?

No other organization can impact as many people as powerfully as we do every day.  But we need your philanthropic support to make it happen.

Every gift makes a difference.
Everyone has a role to play.
Together, we can achieve so much more.

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