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The Y Needs Your Financial Support

As a nonprofit organization we rely on the generosity of our community to continue providing the valuable services that we offer every day. You can be a part of solving hunger in the Port Huron Area, teaching children how to be safe around the water, providing reduced membership prices to those in need, and many other valuable campaigns by giving in any way you can to the Y. Read more below about how to donate.

Give Now!


Amazon Wishlists

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At the Y, we run a lot of programs! Our Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility departments have put together wishlists of things they'd love to have to use for programs. If you find something you'd like to buy for the YMCA on our wishlists you can buy it on our behalf and have it shipped directly to us. 

Direct links to our wishlists are coming soon!


Qualified Charitable Distributions

Giving to the YMCA through an IRA qualified charitable distribution can reduce your total taxable income and save you money come tax time! If you're interested in making an impact in your community through a qualified charitable distribution to the Y, please contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140.

Real Estate

Do you have land or buildings that you'd like to donate to a charity? Choose the Y! Donating real estate can provide tax benefits to the donor and bolster the Y's ability to carry out it's mission. If you are interested in donating Real Estate to the Y, please contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140.


If you would like to contribute to the YMCA's long-term financial viability by donating bonds, please contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140.

Insurance Policies

By listing the YMCA as a secondary beneficiary on your insurance policies you can rest assured that your insurance benefits will be directed to where YOU decide. If you'd like help listing the YMCA on your insurance policies, please contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140.

Looking to Give Your Time?

Contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140 to learn about our Volunteer Opportunities!

Something else?

Do you want to support the YMCA in a way that we haven't listed above? We'd love to talk with you! Please contact LeeAnn Baker at [email protected] or at (810) 987-6400 Ext. 140 to discuss how we can be partners in strengthening our community.